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Pokemon Tower Defense 2

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pokemontowerdefense2Pokemon Tower Defense 2 have recently created 12 story mode levels. Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is an exciting game wich lets you catch Pokemons and create a team as you catch them. The point of increasing your team is to cover a larger zone of the map to prevent wild Pokemons from reaching the goal. If you are in trouble, you can place your Pokemons elsewhere to knock out Pokemons that are about to reach the goal. The more Pokemons you defeat, the more experience you gain. In this game, every level up by picking points while playing game and learns every move at the similar level as they would in the main part of Pokemon Tower Defense 2. They also include the similar levels as their main - game player as well. Pokemon Tower Defense 2 are based on some facts such as various levels and most importantly the type of Pokemon battle. As you level up, new abilities appear, which lets you customize your team even more. Each Pokemon has unique abilities you can unlock. In order to capture a Pokemon, you must wait until its health bar becomes red, then you press the Pokeball on the right bottom of the screen and click on the Pokemon you want to capture. If the Pokemon is weakened, he will become yours and you can place him on the map. The game keeps hold of the necessary - match ups of the actual part, keeping fire weak to water, grass vulnerable to fire, flying types very sensitive and tough to any electrical or rock-type battle. These type of fighting techniques are what make Pokemon Tower Defense 2 so entertaining and a special effects on mid -fight trick, as well as extra options of Pokemon Tower Defense 2 for your team. When playing Pokemon Tower Defense 2, definitely it will be more entertaining and challenging. There are lots of Pokemons out there. Let's catch them all!

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